Welcome from Speakers

Speaker Introduction
The positive, benevolent welcome speeches on August 24th, 7 pm – 7:30 were a highlight of the conference. Child Survivors from 18 countries came to Berlin with tensions, fears and hopes. All speakers contributed to an excellent start, to a unique feeling of the attendees of being accepted and understood.

Masters of Ceremony:
Max Arpels Lezer / European President of WFJCSH&D (Abbrev. “ML”)
Dr. Philipp Sonntag / German Section CSD Child Survivors Deutschland (Abbrev. “PhS)

  1. ML: Short Introduction
  2. ML for Stefanie Seltzer, President of WFJCSH&D
  3. PhS for Klaus Wowereit, Mayor of Berlin
  4. PhS for Dr. Josef Schuster, Vice President of ZdJ, Central Counsel of Jews
  5. ML for Israel Ambassador Hadas-Handelsmann
  6. ML for USA Ambassador Emerson
  7. PhS for Ambassador Dr. Felix Klein AA (Foreign Office)
  8. ML for Dr. Saathoff, EVZ (download speech)
  9. ML for Andrew Hilkowitz, German Section of Child Survivors (download speech)

Three Introductions by Phil Sonntag

Introduction for Speaker Nr. 2, Klaus Wowereit, Mayor of Berlin:
It is my honor to introduce the Mayor of Berlin, Klaus Wowereit.
It will be our priviledge, to receive an official answer to our uneasy feelings about visiting Berlin, the origin of our bitter fate.
Today, how far is Berlin away from the vicious Nazis? We hope to find a modern spirit.
I promise: with mayor Klaus Wowereit, you will feel the spirit!
(download speech)

Introduction for Speaker Nr. 3, Dr. Josef Schuster
I am happy to introduce Dr. Josef Schuster, Vice President of the “Central Counsel of Jews in Germany” (info addendum: since December 2014 President).
I am happy, because now there is a vivid Jewish life in Germany. Quite a wonder, as we remember the restraints about 60 years ago: “How can a Jew, especially a Survivor ever again live in Germany?”
Well meantime today, “yes he can!”, and I promise, you will see!
(download speech)


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